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Thursday, March 22, 2007 . 8:54 PM

Famous Personalities- Madonna

I'll be writing about Madonna, a famous celebrity of our modern age. A music superstar that hit her peak in the 1990s, she is known for her very contreversial music videos that have political, religious and sexual content, attracting a lot of attention worldwide. Examples include the MTV of songs like "Papa don't Preach" that enraged the Vatican by kissing a priest's leg, "Erotica" seen as sexually explicit as well as "The Girlie Show Tour" where she caused uproar in Puerto Rico by rubbing the island's flag between her legs on stage. Her use of controversial videos together with her musical talent helped to propel her onto the world stage, for both the good and bad reasons. Personally, what I find interesting is that she could perhaps have become the person to introduce the very open " liberalism" of the 1980s to 90s in a big way. As a international celebrity at that time, where the world was still considered pretty conservative, her radical videos really helped to move the world towards "globalisation" and move the music culture of the world, in a certain sense. Her openly "outraging?" acts have influence people around the world to emulate her and be influenced by her dress sense and the way people behave, where "conservativeness" slowly ebbs away, opening up to a whole new world of liberalism and openess. This is seen but the new breed of singers coming up after her appereance, people like Britney and Christina that are in some ways, similar to Madonna in her performances. The status and coverage given to celebrities like her have helped o spread her influence worldwide, through the Internet, LIVE television etc.

Even till now, Madonna, despite at a age of 40, is still very much in vogue in the world, in a sense, to attract people to her concerts and music, in hope of catching a glimpse of one of her "famous" acts again... perhaps kissing a priest?