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Saturday, April 21, 2007 . 11:57 PM

Use of Torture to deal with Crime

Reading the following 2 articles, I believe that the use of torture in crime is justified, but only to a limited extent

Article 1
Article 2

Now, why do I say that torture is justifiable, look at society around you, we do find that even students turn psychopaths, as seen in the recent Virginia Tech massacre where 32 people died. Torture would be justified in the face of unstable, dangerous criminals who are a danger to society, such as terrorists and psychopaths as quoted in Article 2

"A psychopathic murderer has buried a teenage girl alive and he is captured by the police," an example on Mr Faris's web blog says.
"He refuses to say where she is. He taunts the police with his knowledge. Torture is acceptable to find the girl and to save her life."

Indeed, many people find that torture is a very wrong method used to obtain information, it is against personal human rights, but think about it, had you captured one of the 911 operatives before the attack occurred, would you have used torture to try and obtain information on his "comrades" so as to foil them. Or, would you out of the so called respect for human rights, interrogate them, and pray that they would somehow, miraculously tell you where their "comrades" are. Another reason why I do not see why we should not apply torture to such dangerous criminals, take for example, these operatives capture one of your own countrymen and you see a footage of your fellow American having his head slowly sawed off, is it not justifiable that we remove a fingernail of the terrorists while they saw off heads, there is no reason not to do that.

In article 1, it does suggest that torture actually does not yield better results in comparision to the FBI's method of interrogation. Once again, think in terms of the time factor, indeed, interrogation proves more effective a method, but what's the point of obtaining the information only after months/ years after you've captured them, it is almost obselete.

Nowadays, the rules of the games have changed, terrorists hit you hard, they hit you fast, it is not how fast you stop them, but how fast you are able to make use of one captured operative, drill him for information and round up the rest as soon as possible, before they realise one of their comrades is missing and start to conduct their operations, there is no point if you'e going to get the information months or even years later, they might have already blown themselves up in front of some shopping mall.

Hence, I believe that in extreme cases, especially those concerning civillian and national security, torture is justified