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Sunday, April 29, 2007 . 6:40 PM

The Changing Gun Debate (with relation to violence)

this is based from the arcticle, the Changing Gun Debate by Newsweek-
- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18248547/site/newsweek/

Many issues regarding the civillian possession of firearms have arisen in the light of the Virginia Tech shootings, especially the decade old debate on whether should civillians be allowed to possess firearm. Indeed, the rationale for civillians in America possessing firearms is for self-defence, however, the VT shootings has once again highlighted the increasing trend of guns used in attacks, almost always resulting in fatalities. So, wouldn't it be better for guns to be banned in America, just like in Singapore, as much as many Americans vote for stricter and tighter arms control within the country, the problem in my view, would never be solved if guns are ever to be sold to civillians. This is due to the fundamental fact that as long as guns are sold, no matter how strict you are, when someone goes bonkers, he starts hooting with the gun, so you have to remove the gun. In view of such a trend, this also brings up the problem of increasing teenage violence

Look at this quote
"FBI statistics show that violent crime is on the rise across America, and the news out of Virginia has again raised the critical issue of keeping guns away from the people who should not have them—criminals and those with a history of being potentially dangerous."

Now, such a trend of violent crime is not just prevalent in America, this is also growing in Singapore. As seen in the webpage below on a recent article in the New Paper on Thursday 26th April on Happy Slapping, a teenage boy was badly beaten up during a birthday celebration, this is another case of teen violence.


Are our teens geting violent? Indeed, this I believe, is true, the entry of violent computer games and programmes, does have a certain influence over our students. With shows like the World Wrestling Entertainment featuring actors beating the heck out of one another. If such a trend is inevitable, then what can we do to deal with it, parents must definitely incalculate the moral values into their kids. In a fast paced society like Singapore, as much as time is scarce, some part of it MUST be devoted to their kids, for at the adolescent age, many are "ill-equipped" to decide the right from wrong, so parents must play this major role. Schools and society should do their part a well, for this is where they spend most of their times at. More emphasis and time should be devoted to the civics rather than "blind- studying" It is only with this can we hope to combat such a trend.