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Saturday, May 5, 2007 . 10:13 PM

Customer Service

This is with reference to the article of the following web page

As we all know, customer service has been a cause of concern in many countries, not just the US, but even in Singapore as well, for service excellence does benefit a economy, perhaps even a countries reputation in terms of tourism

However, such a trend of detiorating customer service has been worrying in recent years, especially seen in a recent knowledge of companies having no incentive in promoting sevice excellence, read the following excerpt.

" You'd think that people unhappy with their service would just switch companies, right? Or that 40% of Sprint's 53 million customers would take their business elsewhere. Not so fast.
What many of these companies have in common is that, even though they appear to take their customers for granted, their customers have little choice but to swear and bear it. Want to change your cell-phone company? Be ready to pay up and lose cheap calling to many of your friends. Want to dump your Internet provider? Dial-up service might be your only alternative. Want to change banks? Set aside a couple of days to figure out the record-keeping hassles.
And these companies know it. Bank of America, second on our list, can't resist making acquisition after acquisition, setting in motion a painful process for its acquired customers. Just Monday, Bank of America said it would pay $21 billion for Chicago's LaSalle Bank, a deal The Wall Street Journal said would raise Bank of America's share of U.S. deposits to 10%. The less choice you have, the less pressure companies will feel to offer quality service."

And as identified, companies then won;t take customer service seriously since there's no incentive to do so, wo what, it's only one customer less? That's the view of many companies nowadays

This is present in even Singapore. Take for example, the transport industry in Singapore, with the raise of fares over these few years, everytime fares are raised, better service is promised. But do we see any difference in the drivers, NO, buses still take a miserably long interval before arriving, And even for taxis, they still are the same, no special service etc.

In the civil service, with the 33% increase in wages, better and more efficient service is promised as well. However, once again, you don't see this, queues at polyclinics are still as long, to get a reply to a invitation to a event by a minister takes weeks, and you only get to meet the MP once a week. There's no difference. Once again, the commoner is taken for granted. When can only sit down and curse, but life goes on... What can we say? It's all in the name of retaining talent when our civil servants are one of the highest paid in the world

Customer Service, it's all really up to the individual companies to be ethical and responsible for it