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Sunday, May 20, 2007 . 11:22 AM

Where is the Love? Economic pragmatism overrides Humanity?

This article is with regards to the increasingly desperate plea by the Somalian government for aid and intervention to stabilise the country's warlord rule and anarchy. Since 1991 where civil war broke out, Somalians have been at the mercy of warlords and their various governments. With a completely breakdown in order, these people have no way to defend themselves, from being murdered, from poverty, from AIDS, yet so little help is given to them by the international troops.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/576679.stm -Somalia refugees face bleak future
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/5405586.stm- Rape risks for Darfur women
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6058920.stm- Head to head, what can be done

Somalians, for fear that they would be murdered in their homes by warlords, have to go live and sleep in forests at night, just to avoid these brutes. Women, just to get firewood, need to brave the risks of being attacked and raped, which is what happens most of the times. Worst, some of them are killed. Men and children shot, women gang-raped, is there no humanity in this anarchy?

Yet while the international community always emphasizes on aid, humanity, anything that can help people of our globe, nothing is done to help them, preferring to steer clear of this mess.

Why? Why invade a stabilised Iraq where people are still able to survive under Saddam?
Why make so much noise about Iran building a nuclear bomb?

And NOTHING is done about Somalia. Is it because they have no oil? Or is it because they're not threating us with nukes? Therefore, we just sit by and watch our fellow humans, people being gunned down in genocides, villages wiped out entirely, women being raped.

What does this tell us? Everything is done with a benefit only, ultimately, if we don't stand to gain anything at all. Is that why federations like the UN, EU and worst still the G8, Great 8 prefer to keep mum. Indeed, the UN has done something, provide humanitarian aid, but sometimes providing a cure is not enough, we must decisively root out the problem. Which is to resolve the anarchy. Even Ethiopia, not exactly a strong nation militarily has mobilised troops to protect these helpless refugees, and the UN and EU rather keep mum about this problem.

Indeed, the 1992 failure of US intervention may have been a setback, but if we need to protect these people, UN, supposedly a world organization priding itself in giving aid and fighting for humanitarian causes, is not doing anything.

And this leads us to wonder, is our cause in aiding more because of economic pragmatism compared to out of humanity. Why are so much troops given to Iraq to stabilise, when the Iraqi National Guard is already being trained up to protect their citizens? And 2/3s of Somalians are deprived of their basic rations and exposed to the scourge of warlords...

The time has come for us to note that whatever we do, humanity must come first, yes, the price may be heavy, but whatever it takes, mutual or personal benefits cannot come first, only then can we hope for a better peace and stability for the world.