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Monday, May 14, 2007 . 12:10 AM

Why Youtube is the New ClearChannel

This entry is besed on the following article by MSNBC-

Now as we all know, this Hurley and Chen creation has been a tremendous feat for them, as well as in impacting our lives, introducing the visionary new form of media for us- Internet sharing. However, like all other Internet programs, they are soon, in fact, in a matter of hours, crapped up by socially/morally/ehically/you name it, unacceptable content. Hence, this news of paying for content by content providers would actually be very useful in upholding the quality ofvideo files sent in, by providing a specific level of standard to compare with. This would in overall, reduce abuse of the program by rogue users, but more importantly, raise the overall level of content provided, not only making it perhaps more useful, but also to be able to provide better entetainment to users.

However, one problem which has not been adequately focused upon would be the primary objective of creating a "society" which allows video-video sharing of content by people worldwide, which goes a long way to contributing to our so called dream of- globalisation. By introducing such measures, indeed it would raise the bar on content standard, but more significantly, what do we mean by quality video? How do you judge quality video and decide whether to pay for it? Would earthshaking videos like lonelygirl15 then be missed out? It is then up to us and the Google to decide whether to take their chances on setting a standard for video quality and risk missing out on potentially wonderful videos at the grassroots level as well as then, decide on the bar of quality video.

What do you think?