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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 . 6:00 PM

Media and their Social Responsibility

For the past few years, the situation of media and the freedom of expresssion while abiding social responsibility has been a hotly debated topic for the past few years, more importantly, the publishing of Prophet Muhammed as a advocate of war by the Danish newspapers has highlighted the need for social responsibility of people while in the midst of the practising freedom of speech.

Definitely, such a situation has made us learn that regardless of whether in a multi-racial society or not, we MUST practice social responsibility, for the world we now live in, being in the midst of a technological era, our world is increasingly globalised, and not just cooped up in our own countries. Whatever we say or publish, within hours, can spread to audiences at the opposite end of the world. And as a result, we must practice social responsibility while paying heed to the freedom of speech. Especially in this world of increasing discrimination and anarchy, whatever said can easily offend a party.

This "rule" must be followed, more importantly, in the way people treat the Muslims, in the era of terrorism. Terrorists make use Islam as a front to justify their war against the rest of the world and as a result, the majority of innocent and magligned Muslims become fodder for which the rest of the world starts to condemn Islam, because of terrorists, which is pretty unjust to the innocent Muslims that as a result, in retaliation, becomes cold towards the rest of the world, fostering this endless war of terror.

We must therefore, be very careful of what we say and publish, practice social responsibility in whatever we say. Only then can we hope to preserve peace in this time of anarchy of terror