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Sunday, July 15, 2007 . 7:21 PM

A President's Dilemma

This story does not refer to any story in particular, basically, I'm just going to talk about President Bush and all that hammering about him. If we take a look at the intriguing life of Bush as President of the US, we should be sympathetic with his plight.

The United States is indeed recognized as a superpower of the world, not just in the aspect of military or economically, but in all areas, even in the social aspect, aspiring people globally to live the American Dream. Yet this very privilege is also it's biggest problem and burden. America, as the world's leading nation, has to take up numerous roles to help resolve and deal with events worldwide. And all this voices down to one man, one ordinary man who has to do an extraordinary man's job- President George W. Bush.

And this is not an easy job, in this changing world, Bush is fighting on many fronts. Everyday, when he wakes up, he is bogged down by so many issues. Early in the morning, he has to rush to meetings, think about how to resolve the various conflicts and problems both over the sea and at home.

He has to worry about the Iraqi problem, how to deal with the insurgents in Iraq, hoping, hoping a madman's hop that hey, someday, he can finally resolve the sectarian violence and pacify the civillian population, and that one day, finally, the Iraqi government is able to hold it's own

Then there's the threat of rogue states- Rogue states going nuclear. Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad building nuclear missiles, advocating the destruction of Israel. North Korea, blackmailing the international community with a nuclear bomb, firing missles over Japan's airspace. Again, Bush has to intervene.

Then, one of Bush's generals would come in with another demoralizing report on the resurgence of Taliban in Pakistan and Afganistan, where they need to commit more troops, and lives, to supressing the violence, trying to keep Musharaff in power.

There's also the conflicts of Israel- Palestine- Lebanon. The rise of Russia, with tensions heating up. Along with the fact that they have to accomodate to China, the rise of a great communist power. The list is endless...

Disegarding politics, the problem of environment is also bugging him, with the G-8 led by Merkel, always pressuring him into spearheading the world's worsening environment.

Back at home, approval ratings of Bush are at an all-time low. Many are keen on getting him out of office. The media is bashing him daily over his mistakes, he can't have a good night sleep, with so many issues, important and critical issues bogging him down.

Yet, has anyone thought about this- no man is infallable. Is anyone able to do the job? Can anyone do it better? People still are in awe in Ronald Reagan's success in resolving the Cold War, and blame Bush for his failure to deal with Iraq, in Afganistan, in Palestine etc. But has anyone thought- times have changed. We are no longer talking about the highly organized and efficient enemy of the Soviet Union. We are referring to the single cell operatives of Osama bin Laden blowing themselves up. It's like trying to search and destroy rats in a football field, with a little stick. And no one realises the sorry plight of Bush, his dilemma.

Bush is all alone. No one supports him. He is fighting a one-man war. A madman hoping that against all odds, he can succeed- yet such a mad hope exists...

Such is the dilemma of a President. President George W. Bush