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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 . 8:56 PM

The Radical New Face of Terrorism

Terrorism has evolved- largely. The past, old terrorism used to be largely made of small groups of militants, higly loyal to their leaders in a "fight for Islam" But, to make things clear, what they are doing are actually distorting Islam, trying to use it as a false front, and "smoke" ordinary people(Muslims) into fighting their so-called jihad, and the worst part is- they are succeeding in their part to spread jihad.

With reference to the following issue


I would be discussing about the changing faces and tactics of Terrorism

Now, as we read more and more articles about terrorism, do note that, nowadays, the terrorists have now stopped making outright attacks, they have diversified into many other areas, not just purely fighting, they have dwelved deeply into propoganda, finance and effective fighting techniques as well as recruiting more munjaheeden for jihad

The article is testimonial to their new organisation, militants camped in the Red Mosque are mainly students and young educated people. People who can think, and are yet still so fiercely and blindly loyal to Osama, who is hiding somewhere. And what is even more alarming are the demostrations held by 20 000 armed tribesmen in protests of the army assaults, it has demostrated how effective in which their propoganda is, able to garner the support of so many people, especially the influential tribesmen and chiefs, showing how much they are able to convince people to join their radical front.

Furthermore, this can be seen in the recently foiled bomb plot in Britain, where literally all the alleged plotters were doctors and physicians. And we are talking about highly intellectual people being used as single celled- operatives being use to conduct attacks on the different nations. To think that, highly educated people are attempting to blow up their fellow countrymen,that is how powerful the terrorist influence is in being able to slowly, but steadily wage war on governments throughout their world, to advance their goal of a entirely "Islamic" world

So how can we deal with such a new threat, the fact that they're now powerful. As we can all recognise, the terrorists are trying to break nations by making civillians in their governments, as seen in Pakistan and USA, regardless of Democrat or Republican. Terrorists are just like rats, they hide, and they sneak up on you, yet we cannot ignore them, for if so, like plague, they will slowly feed upon us and manifest. Hence, the only way would be to stay united

As quoted from Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series
" Evil cannot be totally eradicated, we can only keep it at bay. And to do so, we have to stand together, keep fighting, keep fighting to stop it from spreading. The going is tough, but we must continue, relentless, for it will not stop till it emerges victorious. And we MUST fight it."

And this IS what we all must do, keep fighting, to the very end