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Thursday, August 23, 2007 . 8:17 PM

Shrinks and Torture

Prisons like Guantanamo have long come under scrutiny for their brutal techniques in interrogation, from beatings to forced nakedness. We would be looking at areport on the transperency and integrity of psychologists involved in the interrogation, with reference to the following article.


Psychologists are an integral part of any prison. They serve both as a counselor to the inmates and interrogators. Their other duty would also be to watch out the emotional control and sector of these 2 factions. The interrogators, are well, to extract information from these criminals, most notably, that of captured terrorists, as highlighted in the news repeatedly.

Hence, what is worrisome is that shrinks are not doing their jobs well enough to control the emotions of interrogrators as well as to care for the mental aspect of the inmates. Especially the interrogators of hardcore terrorists that refuse to part with information, leading to almost inhuman and unethical treatment of these inmates. Thus, the scrutiny of shrinks on doing their part to do their job. What's more worrisome is the rife stories of these psychologists having a hand in the torture process, employing their knowledge on human mentality and puting these inmates into mental and physical torture.

In my opinion, while the shrinks might possibly be less efficient in their jobbs, they should be given more authority to decide the mental fitness of the interrogators before doing their jobs. The four walls of isolated camps like that of Guantanamo are enough to stress even the guards up, let alone the interrogators who are supposed to break into the minds of hardcore prisoners (Taliban and Al Qaeda). So these shrinks definitely have to be qualified and mentally stale enough to work in such stressful environments.

Thus, a healthy and active envrionment is needed, coupled together with a group of psychologists with proven track records in their ability and capability to handle these fragile cases, for another spate of violence by interrogators would be most undesirable